Turkey – Ocellated Turkey


Turkey – Ocellated Turkey


Fantastic looking Ocellated Turkey on base. This wonderfully preserved full body mount is in excellent condition. The amazing, vibrant blue of the head and perfectly preserved feathers make this a great decorative piece or as an addition to any collection.
Meleagris ocellata – App. III
Full Body Mount on Base
Overall Size: W. 25″ D. 26″ H. 33″

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OCELLATED TURKEY- Found only on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, the ocellated turkey resembles the American Turkey. But it’s a different species. It is smaller and lacks the “beard” typical of the more familiar wild turkey. Its mating call is higher pitched than the usual “gobble.” The body feathers of both sexes are a mixture of bronze and green iridescent color. They range in size from 2.3 to 4 feet tall and weigh from 6.6lbs to 11lbs.Turkeys spend most of the time on the ground and often prefer to run to escape danger through the day rather than fly, though they can fly swiftly and powerfully for short bursts. Roosting is usually high in trees away from night-hunting predators such as jaguars and usually in a family group.

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