Find perfect taxidermy oddities at Taxidermy Trophies for Sale. We sell Strange and Unusual Oddities, Animal oddity, oddity taxidermy, bazaar home decor, weird taxidermy. Mother Nature can make mistakes from time to time. When this happens “freaks” of nature or oddity occur. A six legged sheep, a two headed calf, and three nostril cow are some examples of nature’s oddity that we offer at taxidermy trophies for sale. These freaky and weird natural oddity are perfect conversation pieces in a home or office setting. Our low prices and high quality perfect taxidermy oddity items are the best choice for you.
Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep-Albino Dall Sheep


(SKU 88278-071)
White Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer-White Fallow Deer


(SKU 88283-039)
white springbok
White Springbok

Springbok-White Springbok


(SKU 88303-958)
Rare White Stag Deer

Red/Stag Deer-White Stag Deer


(SKU 88207-049)
Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep-White Dall Sheep


(SKU 88303-234)
Merino Ram

Ram-White Merino Ram


(SKU 88089-026)
Rocky Mountain Goat
Rocky Mountain Goat

Rocky Mountain Goat


(SKU 88303-990)
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox

Fox-White Arctic Fox


(SKU 88283-103)
White Opossum, Hanging by Tail
Stoat with Skull on Base
Stoat with Skull on Base

White Stoat with Skull on Base


(SKU 88303-399)
6 Legged Goat
6 Legged Goat

Abnormal Birth-6 Legged Goat


(SKU 88298-082A)
Bison Ass

Behind Art-Bison Ass


(SKU 88209-052)
Iguana Ass on Plaque

Behind Art-Iguana Ass on Plaque


(SKU 88661-039)
Motorhead Goat Man

Behind Art-Motorhead Goat Man


(SKU  88399-728)
Racoon Ass on Plaque

Behind Art-Racoon Ass on Plaque


(SKU 88250-073A)
Sheep Ass

Behind Art-Sheep Ass


(SKU 88303-320)
Sheep Ass

Behind Art-Sheep Ass


(SKU 88290-060)
Sheep Ass

Behind Art-Sheep Ass


(SKU 88197-008)
Whitetail Deer Ass

Behind Art-Whitetail Deer Ass


(SKU 88303-233A)
Wolf Butt

Behind Art-Wolf Butt


(SKU 88117-046)
Designer Marlin bill on base

Designer Marlin Bill


(SKU 88290-010A)