From all corners of the world is proud to offer our wide and exciting collection of taxidermy birds for sale. From exotic parrots to the majestic peacock, from the large Ostrich and Rhea to pelicans and swans has a large selection of bird mounts and decorative bird pieces for sale that will be a welcome addition to collectors and non-collectors alike.
"Cock of the Rock" Cockatoo Pair

“Cock of the Rock” Pair


(SKU 88290-103)
Black palm cockatoo

Cockatoo – Black Palm


(SKU 88300-003)

Cockatoo – White Cockatoo


(SKU 88300-007A)
African francolin on marble base

Exotic Bird – African Francolin


(SKU 88298-A75)
African Speckled Dove

Exotic Bird – Black Swan


(SKU 88305-081)

Exotic Bird – Capercaillie


(SKU 88237-052)
Egyptian Goose

Exotic Bird – Egyptian Goose


(SKU 88290-107)
Elegant Crested Tinamou
Elegant Crested Tinamou
Grey Peacock Pheasant

Exotic Bird – Rhea on Wood Base


(SKU 88298-083)
Flying Ptarmigan

Rock Ptarmigan in Flight


(SKU 88192-022)
Temminck's Tragopanon branch
Temminck's Tragopan
Temminck's Tragopan
Vulturine Guineafowl
White pelican on wood base

Exotic Bird – White Pelican


(SKU 88300-012)
Red Grouse

Grouse – Red Grouse


(SKU 88298-A79)
Grouse Pair in Diorama

Grouse Pair in Diorama


(SKU 88180-208)

Parrot – Red Lory


(SKU 88300-006A)

Parrot – Whiteheaded Pionus


(SKU 88300-001)
Blue-Headed Parrot
Blue-Headed Parrot

Parrot – Blue Headed Parrot


(SKU 88220-002)
White-Crowned Pionus

Parrot – White Crowned Pionus


(SKU 88220-001)
Bronze-Winged Pionus

Parrot – Bronze Winged Pionus


(SKU 88220-006)