Taxidermy Trophies for Sale has bought and sold taxidermy mounts for over 30 years. We stock resold mounts from every country and ship to many parts of the world. The beauty and artistry of an outstanding taxidermy trophy is our passion! We’d love for you to explore the world of taxidermy with us! Whether you’re a hunter, a collector, a sportsman or a nature lover, we have a taxidermy mounted specimen that is right for your collection.


All mounts are non-endangered and have been obtained legally. We pride ourselves in following all required laws and regulations regarding the obtaining and selling of taxidermy mounts.

For more than 30 years, we have established relationships with museums wishing to reduce duplicate mounts or subjects no longer being displayed. We acquire trophy collections from hunters wishing to downsize or from estates being sold to the public. Hunters seldom buy from other hunter’s trophies. Unfortunately, only hunters realize the cost and effort in acquiring a trophy, with its permits, guides, travel, taxidermy etc.

We do not hunt the animals or prepare the taxidermy mounts. We simply buy and sell already-existing taxidermy mounts for artistic and scientific appreciation, educational purposes & interior decoration and design. We do not request mounts from hunters, nor do we ever “kill-to-order”.



Our customers consist of anyone with a deep understanding of shape, sculpture, color and originality which only nature can offer. Many of our customers are known esteemed interior designers who have had access and education to all medias, shapes and art subjects, concluding that nature’s art and nature products are without parallel. We also offer items to clients who enjoy natural accents to their homes, log cabin, hunting lodges, novel oddities, unique collectibles as well as scientific subjects for educational institutions and museums.


Taxidermy is the art and process of preparing and mounting animal skins and horns to represent their species’ lifelike appearance. For hunters and designers, taxidermy is world renowned for the appreciation of animals and their natural details, including horns, pelts, colors and patterns.

Although we are not taxidermists, we have an appreciation for high quality taxidermy mounts, racks, and pelts and know the high-quality features to look for when hand picking mounts to sell on our website. Prices are representative of the quality of the mount, difficulty of acquisition and rarity. We do not price items depending on the cost of the taxidermy, the hunt or other unrelated taxidermy costs.



In our unscientific analogy, it seems to us that early man aimed and chased animals for his survival. This is the left over hunter gene that now-a-days allow men to watch a ball game for four hours and never blink an eye (most sports are based on aiming and chasing). This is the same gene that challenges men to hunt.

Over the years in dealing with hunters it is obvious to me that this gene does not go from generation to generation, father to son, rather is hop scotched around. There are hunters with no genealogical hunting in their history yet they have become most avid in the sport of hunting.

Hunters are the true environmentalists: if everything is gone, then there would be nothing to hunt. Many national parks have been proposed and untouched by hunters. Many species on the brink of extinction were preserved and their survival was sponsored by hunters, for example the American Bison Recovery. Modern hunting is well regulated, insuring species for future generations, the only open seasons should be on poachers.