Grouse Pair in Diorama

Grouse Pair in Diorama


This lovely display piece is of two Grouse (male and female) in a glass diorama. Positioned in a natural setting with the pair facing each other. This fantastic display piece is perfect for business, cabin or even home décor.
Full Body Mount Diorama in Glass
Overall Size: W. 30″ D. 18″ H. 18″

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GROUSE- Grouse is a type of game bird that belongs to the family of pheasants. There are 18 species of grouse that can be found in the cold regions of the northern hemisphere, including the areas near the Arctic Circle. Grouse inhabits deciduous forests, scrubland, moorland, prairie and tundra.  Grouse are heavily built like other Galliformes such as chickens. Grouse has flecked plumage. Feathers can be reddish, brown, grey or mahogany colored and covered with various spots and bars. During the winter, grouse hides in the 10 inches deep snow which provides insulation from the low temperatures.  Young birds are ready for the independent life almost immediately after birth. They are able to fly 5 days after birth and travel distance of 4 miles at the age of 10 days.

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