Taxidermy Mounts for Rent


At Taxidermy Trophies for Sale, we offer one of the largest selections of taxidermy mounts for rent in the United States! From Bears, Giraffes, Hippos, Lions and Birds, we have a wide selection of mounts that will work great in your photo shoots, business events, film productions, showroom props and make a wild scene at a party or entertainment venue.

We have competitive prices and a star selection of genuine taxidermy pieces you won’t find at any regular prop house. Call us or email us for more information regarding renting taxidermy mounts and stuffed animals.


Standard rental length is 5 business days

Rental fee is 20% of the listed retail price. For example, an Zebra listed at $3000 retail would equate to a $600 rental fee (plus shipping).

Full shipping and handling charges (to and from) are to be paid in addition to the rental fee.

If the rental will require local delivery, the distance to be traveled and the size of the items will determine the delivery charges. Minimum delivery charges start at $70 round trip.

A credit card must be on file for all rental agreements, in the event that any pieces are lost, stolen or damaged while the items are under the care and supervision of the customer. Only the rental fee will be charged at the time of pick up.

Browse our inventory to find the perfect pieces. Most mounts are available for rent; simply inquire!

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