This beautiful Capercaillie full-bodied mount is an exotic bird, posed on a piece of wood it’s head held high as if ready to make a call. It’s feathers in pristine condition.
Tetrao urogallus
Lifesize Mount
Overall Size: W. 25″ D. 19″ H. 29″

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CAPERCAILLIE- The capercaillie, also known as the wood grouse, heather cock, or just capercaillie is the largest member of the grouse family. Found across Eurasia, this spectacular ground-living forest bird is renowned for its mating display. The male is twice the size of the female. Male birds have a ‘beard’, especially noticeable when they are displaying, and a long tail, held upright and fanned out during their displays. Females are much smaller birds and lack the flamboyant plumage of the male. The capercailli is a non-migratory sedentary species, breeding across northern parts of Europe and western and central Asia.

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