Behind Art

Find butt taxidermy and ass taxidermy at Taxidermy Trophies for Sale. We have a unique selection of ass mount taxidermy. From Whitetail Deer butt face taxidermy to Wolf butts to Bobcat rears, we sell a huge assortment of butt mount taxidermy. Check out our wide selection below to find the perfect ass for you!
    Iguana Ass on Plaque

    Behind Art-Iguana Ass on Plaque


    (SKU 88661-039)
    Motorhead Goat Man

    Behind Art-Motorhead Goat Man


    (SKU  88399-728)
    Racoon Ass on Plaque

    Behind Art-Racoon Ass on Plaque


    (SKU 88250-073A)
    Sheep Ass

    Behind Art-Sheep Ass


    (SKU 88303-320)
    Wolf Butt

    Behind Art-Wolf Butt


    (SKU 88117-046)