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Animal skin rugs and genuine animal fur rug for sale at taxidermy trophies for sale, including zebra, cowhide, cow leather, sheepskin, alpaca fur, fox fur, deer hide and exotic animal skins .TTFS sells top quality real Colombian and Brazilian cow hides, all ready to ship around! We also have deer skin hide, wildlife rugs, giraffe skin, sheepskin rugs, Zebra skin and more. Discover unique piece you like and liven up your home or cabin.
Black & White Cowhide

Cowhide-Black & White


(SKU  67069-003)



(SKU  67069-004)



(SKU  67069-005)



(SKU  67069-006)
Brown & White Cowhide

Cowhide-Brown & White


(SKU  67069-002)
Gold & Black Metallic Cowhide

Cowhide-Gold & Black Metallic


(SKU  67069-023)
Gold Metallic Cowhide

Cowhide-Gold Metallic


(SKU  67069-020)
Leopard Stencil Cowhide

Cowhide-Leopard Stencil


(SKU  67069-009)
Silver Metallic Cowhide

Cowhide-Silver Metallic


(SKU  67069-021)
Tiger Stencil Cowhide
Tiger Stencil Cowhide

Cowhide-Tiger Stencil


(SKU  67069-010)



(SKU  67069-001)
Zebra Stencil

Cowhide-Zebra Stencil


(SKU 67069-008)
Alpaca Rug

Alpaca Rug


(SKU 67010-005)
Alpaca Rug

Alpaca Rug


(SKU 67010-004)
Alpaca Fur Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Alpaca Fur


(SKU 67010-002)
Cowhide Patch Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Cowhide Patch


(SKU 67069-101)
Double Skin Zebra Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Double Zebra Skin


(SKU 67598-465)
Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Sheepskin


(SKU 67457-020)
Impala Pelt Fur Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Impala Pelt Fur


(SKU 67001-972)
Kangaroo Patch Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Kangaroo Patch


(SKU 76441-001)
Springbok Pelt Fur Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Springbok Fur


(SKU 88200-180)
Springbok Pelt Art Rug

Multi Pelts Rug-Springbok Pelt


(SKU 88240-029)

Pelt-Coyote Hides (Each) Grade A


(SKU 88625-225-A)