Full Body Wall Mount
Overall Size: W. 20″ D. 33″ H. 19″

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PORCUPINE- in Latin the name means “quill pig” but everyone recognizes the porcupine, the prickliest of rodents. There are about two dozen porcupine species, and all boast a coat of needle-like quills to give predators a sharp reminder that this animal is no easy meal. All porcupines have quills, with some having as many as 30,000! Contrary to some myths, porcupines don’t shoot their quills at predators, but they do release easily when touched. Porcupines are found in America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Porcupines fit into two groups: Old World porcupines, which are found in Africa, Europe and Asia; and New World porcupines, which are found in North, Central, and South America. The North American porcupine is the only species found in the United States and Canada.

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Weight 40 lbs