Find the taxidermy tail at Taxidermy Trophies for Sale. Furry tail makes stylish accents to handbags, hats or jeans as well as decorative accents for your log cabin or contemporary chic decor. They clip on with the included keychain clip. These tail make great gifts for nature lovers or hunters. Deer Tail, Fox tail to Sable Tail and Wildebeest Tail, we carry one of a kind tail from a variety of creatures! Find taxidermy tail at great prices available ready to ship! Check back to find more unique products and contact us if you’re looking for something in particular. Find our selection of tails below and email us for more info!
    Blesbok Tail
    Aoudad Tail

    Tails-Aoudad Tail


    (SKU 88192-106)
    Blesbok Tail

    Tails-Blesbok Tail


    (SKU TWC-107)
    Gemsbok Tail

    Tails-Gemsbok Tail


    (SKU TWC-R10)
    Gemsbok Tail

    Tails-Gemsbok Tail


    (SKU 88273-071)
    Gray Fox Tail

    Tails-Gray Fox Tail


    (SKU 67001-019)
    Gray Fox Tail Keychain

    Tails-Gray Fox Tail Keychain


    (SKU 88111-022)
    Coyote Tail

    Tails-Coyote Tail


    (SKU 88909-101)
    Silver Fox Tail

    Tails-Silver Fox Tail


    (SKU 88102-014)
    Greater Kudu Tail

    Tails-Greater Kudu Tail


    (SKU TWC-111)
    Greater Kudu Tail

    Tails-Greater Kudu Tail


    (SKU TWC-112)
    Greater Kudu Tail

    Tails-Greater Kudu Tail


    (SKU 18887-001)
    Kudu Tail

    Tails-Kudu Tail


    (SKU TWC-209)
    Horse Tail with Calcabur

    Tails-Horse Tail with Calcabur


    (SKU 88202-A23)
    Impala Tail
    Mink Tail

    Tails-Mink Tail


    (SKU 88665-121)
    Mink Tail Keychain

    Tails-Mink Tail Keychain


    (SKU 88111-007)
    Mule Deer Tail

    Tails-Mule Deer Tail


    (SKU 35900-191)
    Nyala Tail

    Tails-Nyala Tail


    (SKU  88217-030)
    Sable Tail

    Tails-Sable Tail


    (SKU TWC-106)
    Sable Tail

    Tails-Sable Tail


    (SKU 88802-099A)
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