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one of the below categories to get started searching thru our large collection of high quality taxidermy trophies.

  • Anteaters

  • Antelopes

  • Antler Type

  • Birds

  • Buffalo,Bison

  • Butterflies&Insects

  • Boars&Pigs

  • Sheep&Goats

  • Canines

  • Cats-Felines

  • Fish

  • Giant Mounts

  • Novelties

  • Oddities

  • Primates

  • Reptiles

  • Restomod

  • Rodents

  • Rogue Taxidermy

  • Small Mammals

  • Wallabies&Kangaroos

  • Zebras


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of the below categories to get started searching our large collection of beautiful, unique, and original Home Décor.

  • Chandelier

  • Furniture

  • Skins&Rugs

  • Bronze&Metal Art

  • Oriental Art

  • African Art

  • Western Décor

  • Decorative Objects

  • Skulls&Skeletons

  • Teeth&Tusks

  • Designer Skulls

  • Handbags&Accessories

  • Pillows

  • Wall Art

  • Wildlife Painting

  • Bird Art

  • Sea Life Art


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