Gemsbok Oryx 43.5″ Horns

Gemsbok Oryx 43.5″ Horns


Oryx gazella
This magnificent Kalahari Gemsbok shoulder mount has an impressive pair of large horns. Head tilted slight to the left with an alert expression. With a SCI score:97”(Gold) this beautiful piece is a must for any collector.
SCI Gold 97
Shoulder Mount, 43.5″ Horn
Overall Size: W 24” D 33” H 60”

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Gemsbok- Gemsbok is a heavily built antelope with it’s long, rapier horns and striking black and white facial markings. Our full-bodied and shoulder mounts are high quality examples of these beautiful and powerful antelope preserved with the highest level of professional taxidermy.

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Weight 80 lbs


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