Common Snapping Turtle 8″

Common Snapping Turtle 8″


Chelydra serpentina
Half Shell – 9″x8″

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TURTLES- Famous for their protective shell, turtles are some of the world’s most recognizable reptiles. The shell, which is made up of about 50 different bones, actually is an evolutionary modification of the rib cage and part of the vertebral column. They are among the oldest and most primitive groups of reptiles, having evolved millions of years ago. Turtles live all over the world in almost every type of climate. Turtles spend their lives in water, tortoises spend their lives on land and terrapins spend theirs on land and water.  With so many types of turtles there is no average size. The Leatherback turtle can weigh as much as 1500lbs and up to 5.25 ft. The Galapagos tortoise can grow up to 6 feet and 570lbs


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