Chipmunk in Canoe

Chipmunk in Canoe


Taxidermy Novelty
Overall Size: W. 7″ D. 12″ H. 5″

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CHIPMUNK- Lively and speedy critters, chipmunks are small members of the squirrel family. Of the 25 species of chipmunk 24 are found in North America with the Tamias sibiricus being found in Asia. Depending on species, chipmunks can be gray to reddish-brown in color with contrasting dark and light stripes on the sides of their face and across their back and tail. Smallest species has 1.1 to 1.8 ounces of weight and reaches 7.2 to 8.5 inches in length. Largest species can reach 4.4 ounces of weight and 11 inches in length. The common name originally may have been spelled “chitmunk,” from the native Odawa (Ottawa) word jidmoonh, meaning “red squirrel”.


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