Exotic Bird – Black Swan

Exotic Bird – Black Swan


Beautiful Black Swan in mid flight. With its magnificent wingspan and beautifully rich dark feathers, this full-bodied piece is a great decorative piece for home or office. This is a spectacular ceiling mount piece that is in amazing condition.
Black Swan in flight ceiling mount
Overall Size: W. 48″ D. 55″ H. 12″

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MUTE SWAN-   is a Eurasian species that occurs at lower latitudes across Europe into southern Russia, China and the Russian Maritimes. Recent fossil records, according to the British Ornithological Union, show Cygnus olor is among the oldest bird species still extant.  Common temperate Eurasian species, often semi-domesticated descendants of domestic flocks, are naturalized in the United States and elsewhere. The name ‘mute’ derives from it being less vocal than other swan species.

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