Find perfect taxidermy oddities at Taxidermy Trophies for Sale. We sell Strange and Unusual Oddities, Animal oddity, oddity taxidermy, bazaar home decor, weird taxidermy. Mother Nature can make mistakes from time to time. When this happens “freaks” of nature or oddity occur. A six legged sheep, a two headed calf, and three nostril cow are some examples of nature’s oddity that we offer at taxidermy trophies for sale. These freaky and weird natural oddity are perfect conversation pieces in a home or office setting. Our low prices and high quality perfect taxidermy oddity items are the best choice for you.
Bull Dick Walking Stick
Fox Penis Bones
Raccoon Penis Bone
Bull Scrotum Bottle Flask
Halibut Tail

Tail – Halibut Tail


(SKU 27111-920)
Blesbok Tail
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Aoudad Tail

Tails-Aoudad Tail


(SKU 88192-106)
Blesbok Tail

Tails-Blesbok Tail


(SKU TWC-107)
Gemsbok Tail

Tails-Gemsbok Tail


Gemsbok Tail

Tails-Gemsbok Tail


(SKU 88273-071)
Gray Fox Tail

Tails-Gray Fox Tail


(SKU 67001-019)
Gray Fox Tail Keychain

Tails-Gray Fox Tail Keychain


(SKU 88111-022)
Coyote Tail

Tails-Coyote Tail


(SKU 88909-101)
Silver Fox Tail

Tails-Silver Fox Tail


(SKU 88102-014)
Greater Kudu Tail

Tails-Greater Kudu Tail


(SKU TWC-111)
Greater Kudu Tail

Tails-Greater Kudu Tail


(SKU TWC-112)
Greater Kudu Tail

Tails-Greater Kudu Tail


(SKU 18887-001)
Kudu Tail

Tails-Kudu Tail


(SKU TWC-209)
Horse Tail with Calcabur

Tails-Horse Tail with Calcabur


(SKU 88202-A23)
Impala Tail
Mink Tail

Tails-Mink Tail


(SKU 88665-121)